Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


I would like you to do my taxes. What's the next step?

When you've received all your tax documents (T4's, T5's, etc.) and are ready to proceed, contact us to book an appointment.  Book through the website, email, text, or give us a call.

The initial meeting will take 10-15 minutes.  I will have you sign an authorization form, collect personal information - address, phone number, birth date, etc. - and briefly go over your paperwork.  If you have any questions, now is the time to ask!

Then, you leave your paperwork so that we can work our tax magic.  When we're done, we'll contact you to go over your results.  We'll also set up a time for you to come back and pick up your paperwork, sign a consent to EFILE and take care of your invoice.

How much do you charge? When do I pay? What methods of payment do you accept?

A price list is available in the resource section.  If you have anything that falls outside of this list, contact us for an individualized quote.

Payment is due when your tax return is completed.  Returns will be filed after payment is received in full (unless other arrangements have been made prior to the work being started).

Currently, we accept cash, cheque, MasterCard, Visa and e-transfer.

How long does it take you to prepare my return? When will I get my refund?

It takes approximately 7-10 days to complete your tax return.  Simple returns may be completed in a few days, more complex returns may take 2 weeks or longer.

If you require your return completed in a shorter time frame, please let us know at the time you book your appointment.  We are usually able to accommodate these requests, however may not be able to as the end of filing season approaches. 

After your return is EFILED, CRA's goal is to have your Notice of Assessment (and refund, if applicable) out to you within 2 weeks.